1080p Looks Weird

Some geek talk ahead. Non-technophiles beware…

Has anyone seen a high-end TV displaying 1080p? Last weekend I saw a couple of plasma and lcd TVs that were playing Blu-Ray movies at 1080p, and while the image quality was fantastic, the motion was so smooth it was creeping me out. While I’m certainly no video expert, I’m used to movies looking like movies and TV looking like TV (which in geek talk is 24 fps and 30 fps respectively).

To me, the overall effect of 1080p was a bizarre combination of beautiful movie-like imagery with live “TV News” quality motion. And I didnt like it.

I’m no purest by any step of the imagination, but I don’t need TV manufacturers trying to “improve” my movie watching experience by screwing with my beloved frame rates. It’s just distracting. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this (and/or make me look like a fool) in the comments section. End of rant.