A River of Tears for Heath Ledger

While leaving work today I was slightly miffed to discover that the 6 train was out of commission due to a water main break. But thanks to my trusty G9 (which I’d forgotten I was carrying), I was able to venture back above ground and photograph some of the commotion.

After growing tired of watching the fat, overpaid city employees staring slack-jawed at water pumping equipment as if they were professional mouth breathers, I realized that I was only a block away from where they found Heath Ledger’s corpse. So I went over to 421 Broome St and took some snapshots there as well. The photos aren’t the best in the world, but they’re photos I wouldn’t have if not for my Canon G9. Canon should use me for one of their commercials.

Keep reading for the photos.

UPDATE: More info about my thoughts on the Canon G9 can be found here.