Dave Hill – A Renaissance Man for the 21st Century

It pleases me to say that in the coming weeks I’ll be helping the one and only Dave Hill make some enhancements to his internet presence.

If you don’t know about Dave, let this blog post be your gateway into all things Dave Hill. For example, below is a recent piece with David Rakoff called "Stomp!"

I’d also reccommend Dave Hill’s Youtube page, where you’ll find lots of gems, including this classic from Fashion Week:

Oh but the fun’s just getting started. Dave Hill is also the frontman of a severely rocking band called Valley Lodge, which you should be checking out right now. I can wait.

Dave’s also been featured on BoingBoing, not for anything in particular, just for being awesome. I shit you not.

Ok, that’s it for now. If this post doesn’t give Google something to chew on I don’t know what to tell you.