My first weekend with the 3D Robotics IRIS

As alluded to in my previous post, I just picked up a multi-rotor remote controlled vehicle. And it’s awesome.

I managed to jerry rig an old Flip video camera to the front and record some test flights. The grainy footage and grating sound makes it seem like the IRIS is a piece of junk, but flying it is a completely different story. It’s stable, responsive, and a real thrill.

Here’s a combination of a few test flights in White Plains and Forest Hills. They’re pretty tame since I’m still terrified of crashing the thing.

When I get more practice (and a GoPro camera with stabilization gimbal) I’m hoping I’ll be able to take footage like this. This looks like a [Toby, earmuffs] shitload of fun.

Send in the drones!