The Brooklyn Kitchen Shitter

I found this glorious flyer affixed brazenly to a streetlamp in my neighborhood last night. My gut tells me this is a joke, however there’s a part of me that wishes it’s genuine.There’s also the chance that I’m falling into some crafty viral marketer’s hands by blogging about this (especially because as of this writing, the phrase “This man shit in my kitchen” turns up zero Google results), but there’s a significant part of me that hopes there’s an honest-to-god serial kitchen shitter on the loose in Williamsburg. Oh man that would be sweet.Anyone willing to help me get to the bottom of this (pun severely intended) may do so in the comments section.Text from the flyer:

This man shit in my kitchen. Ladies of Williamsburg, BEWARE!!!! This man shit on the floor of my kitchen on October 6th, 2006 and then peaced. He might strike again. Approach with caution.