Hi, I’m Mike.

Want to know something about me? I love to build things and have a process that brings me joy:

  1. Build a cool thing
  2. Obsessively analyze the thing’s performance
  3. Decide if the thing brings joy or adds value to others
  4. Based on 3, improve the thing or repeat step 1

This process has led me down some fun paths professionally. Let me explain a few.

Currently at Hearst Magazines, I’m helping to grow subscription revenue and brand loyalty by improving our digital storytelling capabilities. This includes making bespoke immersive features like Esquire’s story on Competitive Yoga, Good Housekeeping’s guide to decorating a Christmas Tree like a pro, and Cosmopolitan’s “The G-Spot Doesn’t Exist”.

For these stories I lead the front-end development, workflow tooling, user testing, analytics, and stakeholder conclusions. In previous years I helped demonstrate the power of bespoke content within Hearst by creating some fun web toys for Cosmo and Esquire.

Also at Hearst I’m exploring fun ways to get the right data to the right people at the right time. (This helps the company make better decisions, faster.) Most notably, I made the first prototype for a Slack-based chatbot called Hans, which brings together data from a bunch of different sources into a fun conversational interface. It’s used nearly a thousand times daily across the company and many people can’t live without it.

Prior to Hearst, I was at Condé Nast where I helped build fun things that drove revenue. But that was a while ago and I don’t want to bore you if you’ve read this far.

I live in Queens with my lovely wife and 2 kids and now we’re getting a personal so I’ll wrap it up. Thanks for dropping by, and I hope you enjoy this website or find me on social media down below. Cheers!