Jacy Catlin is Funny

In addition to being one of the funniest people on Vine, commedian Jacy Catlin has a wonderfully disgusting and bizarre blog: ieatanddrink.tumblr.com.

He posts drawings, videos, and even long-form stories. Here’s an excerpt from one, entitled “I Threw Shit at Everyone I Saw For a Day and Here’s What Happened

Each would start with me enjoying a bowl of Crispix, and I could be anywhere; on the subway, in a Subway, outside, sitting down, throwing up; whatever. There I would be, enjoying my Crispix, when BAM: first person I see, I take a shit and throw it at them. Then, here’s the kicker, and the part I thought Kellogg’s would really appreciate; I turn to the camera and say “Crispix”.