Network Solutions is HORRIBLE.

I have some serious gripes with Network Solutions’ VPS “service” which I’ll save for another post (basically their VPS service is crippled and can’t send out email), but for now I thought I’d share something a little more immediate and bizarre.

Yesterday while renewing a domain name at Network Solutions (yes, I know it’s overpriced thankyouverymuch) I noticed that they tried to slip me two domains I did NOT want to purchase. These weren’t the typical fare such as “” or “” but – and I shit you not – they actually tried to sell me both and And since I don’t have a habit of mashing my fingers against the keyboard, I’m going to call bullshit on them. I seriously wouldn’t put it past them to have a database of crap domains out there (which were probably entered by some fat slob pressing a doughnut into the keypad) which they try to pawn off on people dumb enough to buy or renew a domain name with Network Solutions in the first place. (Yes, I know it’s overpriced thankyouverymuch.)

Anyway, below is a screenshot. Absolute bullshit.